Welcome to Ket's website

Welcome to the online exposition of Ket.

The artist Ket can be seen as a versatile and gifted individual.

25 years ago, artist Ket completed her study at the Academy of Fine Arts (Academie van Beeldende Kunsten) at Rotterdam.
From that moment on, her creativity found itself in a rapid flow of acceleration.
Ket has worked in several creative professions. She worked on the fields of illustrating, comic books, designing interior decorations, airbrush art and writing.
But painting has always remained the reason of her sole existance.

You may pay Ket's studio an informal visit to see the painting(s) of your choice.
The pictures shown on the website only give an impression of the real paintings.
Seeing them in person will say much more; so you are always welcome to take a personal visit at Rotterdam.

If you enjoy the paintings, but there is none that becomes you, please consider passing on the website address to an acquaintance.

The inspiration for Ket's artwork comes from Ket herself. Subconsciously she feels and absorbs everything that she senses around her.
Ket describes this as: "Mijn antenne staat altijd aan; er zit geen uit-knop op."; or: "My antenna is always on; there is no off-switch."
Because of this 'antenna', the artist Ket greatly values the bond between the painting and the viewer.
Because the painting is born from outside information.
This information brings forth certain emotions in Ket, and these are focussed into the painting.
This process from heart to image usually takes at least three months.

The style in which Ket paints is subjective realism. This subjective realism is related to surrealism and magic realism but has is own characteristics.

The characteristics of Ket's artwork include simplicity of composition. There are no unnecessary elements present. Everything that you see has a function. This simplicity makes the art powerful.
Another characteristic is symbolism. With this it is possible to compose a message with as little elements as necessary.
For example, Ket sees water as the sign for life. Her vision on this is: "Without water there is no life. Living with eachother. Living with yourself. Living, to be."
Ket describes her symbolism as: 'You think you see what you see, but there is more."

The title of a painting is the outline of the message that Ket wants to carry to the viewer through the art.
The viewer decides how to fill the space within.

The realisistic characters makes the works of Ket very accessible.
After many years of intensive and succesful expositions Ket has decided to display her work on the internet. Because this way the paintings really become accessible to everyone.
7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Beeldend kunstenares Ket, een boeiend persoon met veelzijdige levenservaring.
Creative artist Ket, a intriguing person with a versatile life experience.

Are you interested in one of the exclusive paintings from her hand & heart, you can contact her by e-mail or phone to make an appointment for an informal and discretional visit to her studio at Rotterdam.

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E-Mail: tuf.tuf.123@hotmail.com

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